Markus Lanz Marks First Birthday Post-Split

Markus Lanz: First birthday without a wedding ring

It’s easy to forget that celebrities age just like everyone else, but they also love to celebrate their birthdays with extravagant parties, adorable photos of their children, and expensive gifts. Today, on March 16th, one celebrity is celebrating a milestone birthday.

Markus Lanz, a well-known television host in Germany, is celebrating his 54th birthday today. Born in Bruneck, South Tyrol, Markus Lanz has had an impressive career in the media industry. He discusses current issues with politicians and experts on his television show three times a week, making him a household name in Germany.

Before he began his career in television, Markus Lanz trained as a communications specialist in Munich. He then completed a two-year traineeship at Radio Hamburg, where he was unfortunately dismissed in 1995 for protesting against the French nuclear weapons tests on Mururoa. This dismissal did not stop his career trajectory, as he went on to become a news presenter at RTL Nord in 1995.

It wasn’t until 1998 that Markus Lanz became widely known to the public when he stood in for Barbara Eligmann during her maternity leave on the RTL show “Explosiv – Das Magazin”. In 2008, Markus Lanz switched to ZDF, where he stood in for Johannes B. Kerner during the summer break. The cooking show “Kerners Köche” became “Lanz kocht!”, with Markus Lanz taking over as the host.

Since 2009, Markus Lanz has been moderating his own talk show on ZDF on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays late in the evening. While his lively arguments are popular with audiences, they have also received criticism for his lack of expertise and his tendency to act more like a guest than a host.

Despite his personal struggles, including his recent divorce from business economist Angela Gessmann after 15 years together, Markus Lanz still has reason to celebrate today. Happy 54th Birthday to the distinguished television host!

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