Liv Tyler’s Return to Marvel in Captain America 4

The Incredible Hulk: The Beginning of the Marvel Universe

Many believe that the Marvel Universe began with ‘Iron Man’, but this is not the case: it was ‘The Incredible Hulk’, the 2008 film starring Edward Norton and to which only time has given the status it deserves within the UCM.

If William Hurt appeared as “Thunder” Ross from ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (replaced by Harrison Ford after his death) and Tim Roth returned to being Abomination in ‘She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk’, now she is another actress in the movie original the one that will be seen again in ‘Captain America 4’.

We have been livid In this case it will be Liv Tyler who, more than fifteen years later, is the prodigal daughter playing Betty Ross, the daughter of “Thunder” Ross.

The Surprising Return of Familiar Faces

It is strange that such a key character in the history of the Hulk has not been seen before by the saga or comments have been made about it in all these years, but we will see what ‘New World Order’ has in store for us, the first Sam Wilson movie as Captain America, which will be full of unexpected returns.

In addition to Tyler, also from ‘The Incredible Hulk‘ will return Tim Blake Nelson, Dr. Samuel Sterns (better known to comics as The Leader). Along with them, Carl Lumbly will play Isaiah Bradley, the first Captain America (out of ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’), and Danny Ramírez, the new Falcon (from the same series).

Some have said that ‘New World Order’ intends to have the importance and scope of ‘Civil War’, but for that, there would still be a good handful of characters to be confirmed… And that they could put the MCU back on track to Box Office.

Looking to the Future of Phase 5

We will have to wait until May 3, 2024, to see how Phase 5 has evolved in the collective imagination after ‘Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3’ and ‘The Marvels’: Will the public be willing to accept a new Captain America? Or, on the contrary, will the film hit a bump?

At the moment the only thing we know for sure is that it has been filming for a single week, and we already have this unexpected superheroic reunion… And that is usually a good sign.

Final Thoughts

In Espinof, there are those who are increasingly fed up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe because of the disproportion between the overdose of hours of Phase 4 and its narrative development. However, one cannot deny the excitement and anticipation that comes with the return of beloved characters and the potential for new stories to unfold. Only time will tell what is in store for the MCU.

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