Line 6 Pod Go Wireless: A Comprehensive Test of a Multi-Effects Device for Electric Guitar

Multi-effects device for electric guitar: Line 6 Pod Go Wireless in the test

The Line 6 Pod Go is a multi-effects unit for guitars that brings the amp and effects simulation of the Helix series into a robust and stage-ready floorboard. It features eight footswitches and an expression pedal, and is available in two versions: with or without a wireless connection.

The Pod Go Wireless version comes with a Relay G10TII transmitter that enables wireless play. However, both boards are identical in terms of hardware and software, and we tested the wireless version’s sound quality and the stability of the wireless connection.

To start using the Pod Go, you need to install Line 6’s free software on your Windows PC or Mac, connect the floorboard with the included USB-A cable, and update the firmware. The latest update brings 27 additional effect simulations. After the update, you can use the USB connection as an audio interface.

Unlike other similar devices, such as the Guitar Rig and Floorboard Rig Kontrol software, the Line 6 device does not have to be connected to the computer for live operation. You can transfer the effect settings to the stable end device and take it with you to the rehearsal room or onto the stage while the PC stays at home.

Overall, the Line 6 Pod Go Wireless is a great option for guitarists who want a reliable and wireless multi-effects unit for live performances. It is easy to use, has a wide range of effects, and comes with a robust design that can withstand the rigors of the road. It may be more expensive than the standard version, but the convenience of the wireless connection is definitely worth the extra cost.

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