Laura Müller Would Benefit from Separating from Wendler

Laura Müller and Wendler: She would be better off without her husband

When it comes to Michael Wendler, there is no denying that his wife Laura is the best thing about him. Her beauty and wisdom are undeniable, and it was undoubtedly a wise decision for Michael to marry her. However, despite her many virtues, Laura’s association with Michael has had some negative effects on her life.

Michael’s recent woes have been well-documented. He has tax debts in Germany and no job, leaving him struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, Laura’s promising TV career has suffered as a result of her association with him. After a successful stint on “Let’s Dance” and a photoshoot for Playboy, her career has come to a screeching halt following Michael’s being thrown out of the DSDS jury in 2021.

With her career prospects dwindling, Laura has turned to the erotic platform OnlyFans as her main source of income. It is unlikely that this is what she had dreamed of for her life. While she undoubtedly loves Michael and is his wife, her association with him has left her with few options and little hope for her future.

Given the bleak circumstances of her life, one might be tempted to advise Laura to leave Michael. However, this is easier said than done. Despite his flaws, she loves him and is expecting his child. She is in a difficult situation, and unfortunately, there may be no easy way out for her.

In conclusion, Laura Wendler is undoubtedly a bright spot in Michael’s life. However, her association with him has taken a toll on her career and prospects for the future. While one might advise her to leave him, the reality of her situation is much more complicated, and she may have to endure these hardships for some time to come.

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