Latino Rangers showcase their love for baseball, inspiring the rest of the team

Nathaniel Lowe: Baseball Would Be Different Without Latinos

Nathaniel Lowe, the Texas Rangers first baseman, recently expressed his thoughts on what Major League Baseball (MLB) would be like without the presence of Latino players. Lowe said that it would not be “boring,” but it would certainly be different. He made these comments during an interview in the locker room before a game against the Phillies on Thursday at Globe Life Field.

Rangers’ Family of Hispanic Players

The Rangers currently have five Hispanic players on their 26-player roster. Three are from the Dominican Republic (pitcher Jonathan Hernández, pitcher José Leclerc, and infielder Ezequiel Durán), one from Venezuela (pitcher Martín Pérez), and one from Cuba (outfielder Adolis García). Additionally, Dominican outfielder Leody Taveras began the season on the 10-day disabled list.

Leclerc, one of the Rangers’ key relievers, commented that Latino players are boisterous and passionate. He also stated that they enjoy baseball, which is evident in the way they play. According to the MLB, 28.5% of its players in 2022 were of Hispanic origin, with the Dominican Republic contributing the largest number of players from outside the United States.

Building a Brotherly Bond

Nathaniel Lowe appreciated the effort and hard work that Latino players put into their game, which allows them to reach the big leagues. He commented that the Rangers’ Hispanic players had become a close group and had built a brotherhood by spending a lot of time together. Jonathan Hernández, one of the young Hispanic players, said “we love each other like family.”

Ezequiel Durán, the youngest member of the Rangers’ Hispanic players, expressed his gratitude towards God for giving him the opportunity to live his dream of playing in the majors. Durán joined the organization in 2021 as part of the package the Yankees sent for Joey Gallo. Though he missed the rice and beans from his hometown, he was grateful to have a Chipotle nearby.

Lowe Admires Passion and Enthusiasm

Nathaniel Lowe shared his admiration for the passion and enthusiasm that Latino players bring to their game and their lives. He practices a lot with them over the winter and respects their dedication to the game. Lowe, who is a fan of Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny and speaks Spanish fluently, was asked if he liked Latino food. His reply, in Spanish, was surprising: “not so much, rice and chicken make me fat.”


Lowe’s comments show how much he appreciates the hard work and dedication that Latino players bring to the game of baseball. Latino players are not only passionate about their game but also their communities and families, showcasing a dedication that is unparalleled. They have contributed significantly to the sport over the years, and their presence has made the game richer and more diverse.

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