Kia Unveils New Images Of the Impressive Edge Station Wagon EV9 Electric Car

Electric car: New pictures of Kia's large edge station wagon EV9

Kia has released new information and pictures about their upcoming EV9 electric car, which was first seen at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2021. While specifications have not been fully released yet, the car is expected to launch in Germany and other European countries in autumn 2023. The EV9 uses the technical basis “E-GMP,” which is already used in other models like the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5.

The electric SUV is almost five meters long and provides enough space for six or seven passengers depending on the configuration. The seats in the first and second rows can recline, with the second row seats being able to rotate 180 degrees to face each other. The car also features several screens and buttons on the dashboard, steering wheel, and center console.

Kia refers to the EV9 as a “family SUV” and expects it to compete with the VW ID.Buzz. The range is expected to extend up to 500 kilometers, and the car’s battery pack will likely be around 100 kWh. The car charges quickly at 350 kW fast charging stations, allowing for charging from ten to 80 percent in under 20 minutes. The vehicle also has bidirectional charging capacity up to 3.6 kW for use with smart-controlled photovoltaics or electronic devices.

The cockpit includes two 12.3-inch displays and a five-inch screen for climate control information behind a continuous glass panel, with additional switches on the center armrest for functions like downhill driving and parking assistance. The car’s large window areas give it a clear edge in design. Lower-range models will likely have a battery pack of almost 78 kWh, while higher-end models could have up to 430 kW of power.

Kia plans to release complete specifications for the EV9 later this spring. With its size, range, and potential starting price of around 60,000 euros, the car could be a compelling option for European families looking for an electric SUV.

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