Jude Law Reveals How He Brought Captain Hook to Life in Peter Pan & Wendy Premiere

Yesterday marked the premiere of Peter Pan & Wendy, Disney’s latest live-action remake of its classic animated films on Disney Plus. Unlike most of its previous reboots, Disney has taken a deeper approach to the plot of the 1953 classic Peter Pan & Wendy. The storyline between Peter Pan and Captain Hook has taken a darker turn with more depth.

If you’re yet to see the movie, be warned of possible spoilers as we delve deeper into the plot.

Who is Captain Hook from Peter Pan & Wendy? Jude Law stars as Captain Hook, or James, in this retelling of the Disney classic. He embodies “someone who is trapped in a childish rivalry” but finds himself “in the body of a 50-year-old man, who has seen, lived, and done terrible things.” According to Law, he found the character’s premise quite compelling, stating “I was aware that I wanted to incorporate all the elements. He wanted it to be sad, he wanted it to be scarred and twisted and disgusting and scary and funny too.”

In Law’s interpretation of the role, he wanted Captain Hook to be relatable in the eyes of a child – a father or uncle figure who was very angry, making him look pathetic and loud. Captain Hook’s storyline with Peter Pan takes a more profound turn, where they live in an eternal fight that, as Jude Law rightly pointed out, is childish, but also sad.

Peter Pan & Wendy is now available in Disney Plus’s catalog. We can’t wait to see where Disney takes its next live-action remake – will it continue to delve deeper into the plot of its source material, or will it stick to a formula that has worked so far?

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