Jasmin Paris Becomes First Woman to Finish the Barkley Challenge

Jasmin Paris, a runner from Scotland, made history by becoming the first woman to finish the Barkley, an ultra-trail challenge held in an inhospitable forest in Tennessee, USA. The race consists of 160 km with 20,000 meters of elevation gain, divided into five loops that must be completed in less than 12 hours each. Only 20 people have ever successfully completed the race since it started in 1986.

Paris completed the Barkley in 59 hours and 58 minutes, just two minutes before the time limit. She is no stranger to ultra-trail races, having finished 6th in the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in 2016 and winning the Spine Race in 2019.

In 2024, the fastest runner was Ukrainian Ihor Verys who finished the Barkley in 58 hours and 44 minutes. Other finishers included John Kelly, Jared Campbell, and Greg Hamilton. Paris’ achievement marks a significant milestone in the world of ultra-trail running and showcases the incredible determination and skill of female athletes in this challenging sport.

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