iX-Workshop: Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn – Last Chance!

iX-Workshop: Machine Learning mit scikit-learn (Last Call)

The world is moving towards technology at a fast pace. One such technology is Machine Learning. To cater to the needs of the IT community, an online workshop on Machine Learning with scikit-learn is being organized. This two-day workshop aims to provide a hands-on experience to participants who want to explore Machine Learning with Python and Python tools.

The open source Python library scikit-learn offers various classification, regression, and clustering algorithms. This workshop focuses on guiding attendees in applying new-knowledge via practical exercises. The training is recommended for those who are familiar with the basics of data analysis with Python.

The Jupyter notebooks are available in the cloud for practical exercises. Participants will learn how they can leverage the possibilities and chances of this new technology for their work. The speaker, Kilian Kluge, has years of experience in using Python for data analysis, application development, and machine learning.

The workshop is limited to ten participants, allowing plenty of room to ask the speaker questions and exchange thoughts among each other. Those who register for the workshop by May 29th will receive a 10% discount on the training fee. Participants will gain new insights and understanding of new technologies, eventually leading to the growth of their business/profession.

Interested individuals can learn more about the workshop and register for the same. Basic workshop data analysis with Python are also accessible to those keen on familiarizing themselves with the same. Here too, speaker Kilian Kluge can provide the necessary guidance for new learners to learn data analysis with Python.

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