IT Freelancers Earning 101 Euros per Hour Express Satisfaction with Income

Satisfied from 101 euros per hour: IT freelancers happy about income

According to a report by, the majority of freelancers in Germany are satisfied with their hourly rates. The study, which focused on IT freelancers, found that they were particularly satisfied due to their above-average rates. Hourly rates play a significant role in freelancers’ decision-making process, with 86 percent of IT specialists considering it a central factor when deciding whether to commit to a project. Overall, 82 percent of all respondents in the study shared this view.

However, despite their satisfaction with their rates, IT professionals were less satisfied with their past financial year compared to other freelancers. Only 27 percent of those working in software development stated that 2022 went better than expected, while 21 percent said it went worse. In contrast, the figures were significantly better for those in the “HR, Recruiting, Coaching” field, with 51 percent reporting a better-than-expected year and only 14 percent feeling disappointed.

The acquisition of new projects was identified as a top challenge for freelancers, with 58 percent naming it as such. While 31 percent found project acquisition difficult, 41 percent found it relatively easy. Recruitment portals were the go-to method for finding projects, with 89 percent of respondents using them. Additionally, personal networks (79 percent) and traditional personnel service providers (67 percent) were also relied upon.

IT freelancers also expressed growing concerns about the legal situation and compliance. In terms of overall satisfaction with their work, IT professionals were less content than freelancers in other industries. Dissatisfaction with politics was notably higher among freelancers in software development, with 61 percent expressing dissatisfaction, compared to the overall average of 54 percent.

The lack of skilled workers presented an opportunity for freelancers, with three-quarters of respondents viewing it as such. Almost two-thirds of freelancers believed that the economy would increasingly rely on them in the coming years. These findings suggest that freelancers are optimistic about their prospects in the future.

The report by surveyed approximately 1,350 German freelancers, with the majority working in the IT industry. The full 74-slide PDF of the report is available for free download on the placement portal after registration.

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