iPhone, Mac and AI empowering Tinkerer to showcase the potential of Eyes for ChatGPT

Eyes for ChatGPT: Tinkerer shows what's possible with iPhone, Mac and AI

AI Developer Uses iPhone and Mac to Create Example of AR Headset from Apple

Mckay Wrigley, an AI developer, has used an iPhone, a Mac, and AI software to demonstrate what an AR headset from Apple could do. He equipped the AI with eyes using the iPhone for visual tasks. To identify objects, Wrigley used YoloV8 software, GPT-4 for text AI, OpenAI Whisper for voice, Google Custom Search Engine for web browsing, and the Python programming language.

In a video posted on Twitter, Wrigley’s installation identifies objects within the iPhone’s field of view and utilizes the AI to learn about a keto diet from the web and find appropriate ingredients within the fridge. Although the hardware requirements exceeded those of an iPhone, an AR headset from Apple could perform such calculations independently.

Moreover, a headset equipped with AI technology could be beneficial for people with poor vision. It can be controlled via natural language and offers flexibility. Hardware is the most significant obstacle for the AR headset to be widely adopted.

In conclusion, Wrigley’s use of readily available technology and software provides an example of how AI technology could be used in new ways. With additional advances in hardware and AI, there is considerable potential for wide-scale adoption of AR technology in the future.

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