iOS 17 Unveils Exciting New MagSafe Accessories

iOS 17: New MagSafe accessories discovered

Apple is reportedly working on revamping two popular MagSafe devices, as indicated by the beta versions of iOS 17. Leak experts have discovered two model numbers in the operating system that are not currently available in Apple’s iPhone range. These model numbers correspond to a new variant of the MagSafe charging puck and a new variant of the MagSafe battery pack. It is speculated that these devices may be launched in conjunction with the iPhone 15, expected to be released in September.

The MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe charging puck have not seen updates from Apple in several years. The battery pack was released three years ago, while the charging puck was released four years ago. Despite their age, both devices are still compatible with current Apple devices and have received regular firmware updates. These updates are installed automatically and cannot be manually initiated by the user.

The exact improvements to the two MagSafe devices remain unclear. There have been rumors suggesting that Apple may offer them in different colors to match the iPhone. Additionally, there is speculation that the devices may feature improved Qi support, allowing for charging of non-Apple devices at 15 watts using the Qi2 standard. This new standard is currently being introduced. Users of the MagSafe battery pack are hoping for increased capacity and faster charging capabilities, while the MagSafe charging puck may be smaller and more efficient.

It is currently unknown if Apple will also revise the popular MagSafe Duo Charger. This charger has not been adapted to work with the latest iPhone generations and requires the use of a case to avoid interference with the camera block. While Apple has provided firmware updates for the charger, there is a need for a complete overhaul of the hardware. The MagSafe Duo Charger was launched in 2020 and allows for charging of both an iPhone and an Apple Watch, but it requires an external power supply.

Initially, Apple had planned to release a triple charger called AirPower, which would allow for freely placeable charging of devices. However, technical limitations prevented the implementation of this hardware, and it was discontinued a year and a half after its introduction. There has been no sight of the AirPower charger since then.

Overall, it appears that Apple is gearing up to revamp its MagSafe devices, potentially releasing updated versions of the MagSafe charging puck, MagSafe battery pack, and possibly the MagSafe Duo Charger. These improvements are expected to enhance compatibility, charging capabilities, and design aesthetics for Apple users.

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