IKEA joins the party for Paris Fashion Week, featuring Annie Leibovitz

From February 29th to March 3rd, IKEA is opening a space in Paris to exhibit its collaboration with the renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, as well as a full artistic and cultural program. The program includes a photo exhibition, talks, interior design, DJ sets, and French-Swedish bistronomy. Discover the full schedule!

From February 26th to March 5th, 2024, Paris Fashion Week will take place where designers will present their ready-to-wear women’s collection for the fall-winter 2024-2025 season. With a focus on creativity and international presence in Paris, IKEA has taken this opportunity to showcase its new artistic and cultural program called IKEA+. The program includes beautiful family photos showcasing their personality through their decor, live music, style, design, and even cuisine.

Annie Leibovitz’s photo exhibition for IKEA+

From February 29th to March 3rd, IKEA+ will be at 28 rue de Lappe in Paris, presenting an exhibition in collaboration with the renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. This is the first time Leibovitz becomes an artist in residence with the yellow and blue company. Inspired by a study on home life conducted by IKEA, Leibovitz took 25 family portraits in their homes around the world. These photos will be on display at the IKEA+ pop-up alongside other events.

DJ sets at the IKEA+ pop-up during Paris Fashion Week

In addition to Leibovitz’s photo exhibition, 30 artists will be performing at IKEA+, including Andy4000, Anetha, Cyrus Goberville, Djibril Cissé aka Tcheba, Fiona, Kiddy Smile, and Miley Serious. The performances will be streamed live on Rinse France’s webradio (rinse.fm).

Six Casa93 stylists remix IKEA based on their personality and textile expertise

During Paris Fashion Week, IKEA+ has given six stylists from Casa93 the freedom to create artistic spaces by remixing interior decor using their imagination and textile expertise. These stylists have brought forth six unique approaches that blend interior design and fashion.

New decor collection, French-Swedish bistronomy, workshops, and talks at IKEA+

The venue will also feature the unveiling of IKEA’s new TESAMMANS collection, created in collaboration with the design duo Raw Color, exploring the impact of color in our homes on emotions.

Fans of IKEA food can also enjoy a space at the pop-up that remixes the brand’s Swedish specialties with French bistronomy.

Workshops and talks will also be organized throughout the IKEA+ pop-up event, which will be free and open to everyone from February 29th to March 3rd, 2024, at 28 rue de Lappe, 75011 Paris. A great opportunity to feel at home.

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