Ibai’s Star Match of Evening 3 at Risk Due to Twitch’s Actions

All tickets sold for The Evening of the Year 3

All the tickets for The Evening of the Year 3 are already sold, and one of the star fights is the one that will pit Amouranth against Mayichi, a fight that had been in danger in the last hours.

However, Amouranth was banned from Twitch the day yesterday, and with it the impossibility of appearing on other channels while his ban was in effect, so he would not have been able to participate in Ibai’s La Velada 3.

If it were a permanent ban, Amouranth would not have been able to get into the ring, and Ibai would have than having looked for another opponent, or having canceled the fight directly.

Amouranth returns to Twitch

Luckily, just one day later, Amouranth returns to Twitch, and she is no longer banned, a return that had already happened on previous occasions, although her last ban dates back to 2021.

Twitch knows that it cannot lose its most popular streamers, and it only took 24 hours for its account to return, which is already active. nor did he give a reason for the temporary ban.

But more importantly, The Year 3 Soiree will hold its most anticipated match, unless Amouranth receives a permanent ban before the match.

Artists Confirmed for The Evening of the Year 3

On the other hand, the artists who have already been confirmed. They will be present at La Velada del Año 3, an event that has quickly run out of tickets, many of them already on sale. We will see if we have any more surprises before the celebration of this long-awaited event.

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