I feel amazing, I’m having a blast: Gaëtane Thiney (Paris FC), soon 38 years old and still in great shape for her final season

Gaëtane Thiney, a player for the Paris FC women’s football team, broke down in tears after their incredible victory over Arsenal (3-3, 4-2 on penalties) on September 9th. This emotional outburst captured the essence of the team’s season so far.

The Paris FC team is currently a co-leader in the French Division 1 league and is aiming to secure a spot in the group stage of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Thiney’s display of overwhelming emotions resonated with the entire team and set the tone for their season.

This victory against Arsenal was truly heroic, and the players were in awe of the magic of the moment. Thiney’s emotional reaction symbolized the team’s dedication and passion for the sport. It was a moment that showcased their desire to achieve success and make their mark in the sport.

Paris FC’s strong start to the season is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the players and coaching staff. They have shown great determination and resilience in their matches, and their never-give-up attitude has earned them co-leadership in the league.

The team’s success has been driven by the exceptional performances of players like Thiney, whose emotional display after the Arsenal match went viral on social media. Thiney’s ability to channel her emotions into her game has been an inspiration for her teammates and fans alike.

With their eyes set on the UEFA Women’s Champions League, Paris FC is focused on securing a qualification for the group stage. Their strong start to the season has put them in a favorable position, and they are determined to carry this momentum forward.

The combination of talent, passion, and emotional energy displayed by Thiney and the rest of the Paris FC team has made them a force to be reckoned with in women’s football. Their journey towards success is only just beginning, and the team is eager to achieve even greater things in the seasons to come.

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