How much will the French medalists receive?

Only a few months remain before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games take place at various locations in France. Since the end of January, the amount of bonuses awarded to French athletes has been set, showing an increase compared to the last games in Tokyo in 2021.

The bonuses for French medalists at the 2024 Paris Olympics have been announced. Gold medalists will receive 80,000 euros, an increase from the 65,000 euros awarded to champions in Tokyo. Silver medalists will be awarded 40,000 euros, compared to 25,000 euros in Japan, while bronze medalists will receive 20,000 euros, up from 15,000 euros in the last games.

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Unique medals were unveiled in the presence of Olympic champion Tony Estanguet, the president of the athletes’ commission Martin Fourcade, and Antoine Arnault. The medals are designed by the French jewelry brand Chaumet, owned by the LVMH group, which is a partner of the games. Each medal will contain a piece of iron from the Eiffel Tower within a hexagonal pendant struck with rays, symbolizing the radiance of France. These unique medals are often of greater value than the bonuses awarded to the athletes.

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