How Much El Rubius Spends on Steam and the Extent of His Gaming Library

Steam: The Most Popular Gaming Platform

When it comes to PC gaming platforms, Steam is undoubtedly one of the most popular options around the world. Chances are, if you are a frequent gamer, you own an account with dozens of titles with thousands of euros invested into it.

Invested More than €1,000 worth of games

If you have been using Steam for many years, then you would have perfectly invested more than €1,000 worth of games. These titles would be available for you to enjoy whenever you want in a quick and easy way.

What If You Had Unlimited Money?

It is likely that with unlimited funds, you would buy hundreds and hundreds of games, investing thousands and thousands of euros. Even so, only a few people have the luxury of such spending, like popular youtuber El Rubius.

El Rubius: Game Investment and Acquisition

Recently, El Rubius showed all his subscribers the extent of his game collection, featuring the financial amount he had spent on all his acquisitions. However, it should be noted that the exact amount does not refer to the 750 games he possesses, as some of them may have been acquired for free from different companies.

Invested More than $36,000 for Games of Steam

El Rubius revealed that he has invested more than $36,000 to build his game collection on Steam, equivalent to around €33,000. While this is a significant amount, it is relatively small compared to other streamers, as El Rubius himself hinted in his last broadcast.

Includes Expansion and Microtransactions

It is important to note that this economic amount does not only include the games, but also passes expansion, and microtransactions. All in all, it is not an excessively high economic amount to refer to a youtuber who earns a lot of money.

In conclusion, Steam remains to be one of the most popular gaming platforms worldwide. Gamers invest thousands of euros into building their game libraries, but only a few have the luxury of unlimited funds to support their vast collection. El Rubius is just one example of a gamer who has invested a substantial amount of money in building his game collection.

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