Hot Private Cloud: Scaling infinitely with ownCloud and microservices

hot+ |  Private Cloud: ownCloud Infinite Scale with microservice architecture

The latest software by ownCloud, which was initially introduced as a Dropbox alternative, has recently undergone a significant overhaul. The company has reimagined their product to develop ownCloud Infinite Scale, which aims to surpass performance limits previously unattainable.

With the launch of Infinite Scale, ownCloud is promising an intuitive user experience, featuring advanced performance and scalability. The company has re-engineered much of the codebase and implemented a new storage engine that is optimized for speed, reliability, and security.

One of the most significant changes in Infinite Scale is the move away from using a traditional file hierarchy. Instead, the system organizes files in a highly efficient database, which allows for more fluid navigation and faster file access times. This new approach avoids the file locking and latency issues that can occur in a traditional file hierarchy and is highly scalable.

This new software update takes ownCloud’s capabilities to the next level by delivering a more streamlined sync and share platform with impressive, enterprise-grade performance. OwnCloud Infinite Scale positively impacts the way businesses share and manage their data.

In summary, with the revision of ownCloud Infinite Scale, users can expect improved performance, greater scalability, and faster, effortless collaboration. This development is a significant step forward for the platform as it cements its position as a leading alternative to Dropbox for individuals and enterprises alike.

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