Highlights of the October 2023 Paris Council Meeting

From Tuesday, October 3rd to Friday, October 6th, the session of the Council of Paris took place. The agenda of the debates included two communications on the 2023 school year for children, families, and students, as well as the attractiveness of the Parisian civil service and the “2024 Pari(s) de l’emploi” program for those furthest from employment.

The Session:

– Tuesday, October 3rd:
Continuation of the examination of draft resolutions

– Wednesday, October 4th:
– 9:00am-10:00am: continuation of the examination of draft resolutions
– After the examination of draft resolutions: 2:30pm-3:50pm: answers to current questions
– 3:50pm-4:45pm: organized debate on the rationalization and regulation of event operations in Parisian green spaces
– After the debate: continuation of the examination of draft resolutions

– Thursday, October 5th:

– Friday, October 6th:
– 9:00am: Election of deputy mayors of Paris
– After the election: continuation of the examination of resolutions until the completion of the agenda

The 2023 School Year for Children, Families, and Students:

The City of Paris places a central focus on education in its actions and projects. This year, the start of the school year brings new initiatives and commitments, such as support for young children, cool and learning zones, collective projects in anticipation of the Olympics and Paralympics, and assistance for children with disabilities.

Combatting Student Precarity: Twelve associations subsidized by the City:

Paris welcomes nearly 390,000 students to its higher education institutions each year, with 200,000 residing in the capital and 60,000 receiving state scholarships. Since the health crisis, the City of Paris has developed policies to combat various forms of precarity, including food, menstrual, digital, access to healthcare, rights, and mental health. The rising cost of living has had a significant impact on student life. In 2023, the City of Paris launched a call for projects called “Student Food Assistance” to support solidarity actors in Paris who provide solutions for students experiencing food precarity. This initiative is open to associative or cooperative structures that propose food assistance, whether it be occasional or permanent, such as solidarity grocery stores, food distribution, or delivery services.

The Attractiveness of the Parisian Civil Service:

In today’s dynamic job market, competition between employers is now possible in many sectors, including the civil service. Mobility and the desire for mobility have also significantly increased for current employees and public agents. The civil service is currently experiencing a general and ongoing decline in the number of candidates. In this context, the City of Paris has been relatively spared, despite recruitment difficulties in the most in-demand professions at the national level. As an employer, the City of Paris is a major presence in the Île-de-France region, with 5,000 new hires each year. Many new employees join the City to replace retirees or take on new missions. Paris attracts talent thanks to its values and a welcoming and inclusive work environment. The City is committed to ensuring an ethical framework by promoting gender equality, combating all forms of discrimination in the workplace, fighting against violence and protecting employees who may be victims, providing procedures for resolving work difficulties, and preventing psychosocial risks.

“2024 Pari(s) de l’emploi”: A Program for Parisians Furthest from Employment:

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are seen as an opportunity accelerator and have a significant impact on local employment. They are also expected to address recruitment tensions affecting many sectors in the capital. The “EnJeux Emplois 2018-2024” action plan aims to ensure that Parisians furthest from employment directly benefit from these employment opportunities.

Upcoming Sessions:

– From Tuesday, November 14th to Friday, November 17th, 2023
– From Tuesday, December 12th to Friday, December 15th, 2023
Noteworthy: Each Council of Paris is accompanied by a formal invitation from the Mayor of Paris twelve days in advance, along with a provisional list of projects to be examined.

Attending the Sessions:

The Council of Paris sessions are public and open to all, subject to availability. Minors accompanied by adults are allowed. To attend, present yourself at the reception at 5 Rue de Lobau, where you will receive a badge in exchange for identification. Due to limited seating, it is advisable to arrive early (especially on Monday mornings) to ensure access to the stands. For security reasons, bags, backpacks, briefcases (and any items deemed inappropriate) are not allowed in the stands (cloakroom available). Reactions, comments, applause, the use of cell phones, and food or drink consumption are prohibited.

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