High-Risk Vulnerabilities Addressed in Latest Solarwinds Update

Solarwinds: Two high-risk gaps closed with update

Solarwinds has announced the release of Platform Update 2023.2 for its network management software. The latest update contains bug fixes to close security-related vulnerabilities, as well as general bug fixes. In addition to this, the new version features a range of security improvements.

Two weak points have been identified by Solarwinds as high-risk vulnerabilities. Attackers with a Solarwinds admin account may be able to inject and execute arbitrary commands, while users with a local account on the system can escalate their privileges. Additionally, attackers could inject HTML code with URL parameters in previous versions due to insufficient filtering.

The new version comes with general security improvements that affect external alarm actions. Users with administrator rights are now the only ones allowed to create the execution of scripts in response to alarms. The developers have also implemented unspecified improvements in SMTP authentication and “SSH security.”

In addition, a longer list of fixed problems in the software can be found in the release notes. The authors have also explained the requirements for successfully updating significantly older releases and have added a list of software versions that will soon be reaching their end-of-lifecycle and thus require migration to a new version.

It is worth noting that Solarwinds gained notoriety in 2020 due to a major cyberattack that occurred via supply chain attacks. The attack reportedly involved a state-supported cyber gang that was responsible for breaking into the networks of US authorities and the IT security company Fireeye.

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