Harry Potter Series Confirmation on the Horizon?

Fans Rejoice: Harry Potter TV Series in the Works

It looks like fans of the beloved wizarding world are in for a treat, as Warner Bros. Discovery is working on producing a “Harry Potter” television series. According to Variety, a deal is almost done with Warner Bros. and HBO Max.

An important meeting between Warner Bros. and investors is scheduled for April 12 to secure funding for the series, which could be the last step before a full green light!

The Ultimate Mega-Series?

According to Bloomberg, it’s anticipated that each season in the series will correspond to one of JK Rowling’s books, which could mean a whopping seven seasons altogether! Warner Bros. is certainly no stranger to creating an entire universe around a franchise, so this news will definitely excite fans.

A Super-Project Announced Under the New Banner

This new project is arriving under the banner of HBO Max, which Warner Bros. acquired in 2022. It marks the first super-project to be announced under the new banner, which is long overdue for a new name. Fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for the series.

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