Grand Paris Express: Unveiling the Future Station Frescoes

Renowned artist has just revealed. They are chosen to illustrate the Grand Paris Express subway stations. A total of 69 artists will be selected to create these giant works of art. At the moment, 26 artists have been chosen for this “Illustrating the Grand Paris” program. Among the selected artists are well-known illustrators such as Enki Bilal, Rutu Modan, and Geneviève Gauckler, as well as promising young talents such as Camille Lavaud and Roxane Lumeret.

Each subway station will have its own unique illustration, making the network a remarkable museum of 21st-century functional architecture with an artistic dimension. The president of the Société du Grand Paris, Jean-François Monteils, emphasized the integration of art into the subway stations. The president of the departmental council, Stéphane Troussel, also highlighted the importance of creating spaces in the subway stations that are dignified, beautiful, and instill pride in the residents.

One of the selected artists, Stéphane Oiry, has been given the opportunity to illustrate the future Massy-Palaiseau subway station in Essonne. He spent several days in residence at the station, capturing inspiring scenes that he could incorporate into his artwork. The result is a series of eight panels featuring acrobatic silhouettes dancing on bridges, inspired by the density of rail traffic in Massy.

Another young artist, Philippine Joyeux, has envisioned a colorful and vibrant landscape for the future Bourget subway station in Seine-Saint-Denis. Her artwork reflects the bustling energy of the city and the constant movement of people, inspired by the artistic technique of serigraphy.

Sergio Garcia Sanchez, who was selected to illustrate the Saint-Denis Pleyel subway station, has drawn inspiration from the Stade de France and the Olympic Games. His artwork depicts the intense and powerful moments of athletic competitions, capturing the strength and tension that accompany such events.

Fanny Dreyer has been chosen to illustrate the future Saint-Maur-Créteil subway station in Val-de-Marne. Her artwork will feature twelve panels representing the twelve months of the year, showcasing the changing seasons, the picturesque banks of the Marne River, and notable landmarks in the city.

Creating artwork for the subway stations has posed unique challenges for the illustrators. They have had to adapt their creative process to the practical and logistical constraints of working in a subway environment. Despite these challenges, they are dedicated to creating inspiring and captivating artwork that will enhance the experience of commuters and visitors to the Grand Paris Express subway stations.

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