Google Unveils Pixel 7a Smartphone at I/O Event

Pixel 7a: Google's new smartphone makes its debut at I/O

Google Unveils New Pixel 7a – A Top-End Smartphone With Slight Improvements

On Wednesday, during the I/O developer conference, Google officially introduced the Pixel 7a, the successor of the Pixel 7. The new model is not very different from the previous one, as it maintains the metal frame on the side, camera bar, and display size. Nevertheless, the back is now made of plastic instead of glass, and the display’s refresh rate has gone up from 60 to 90 Hz.

The Pixel 7a costs around EUR 510 at the start of sales, making it more expensive than its predecessor by only around EUR 50. It justifies the additional cost, though, as it has a few updated features. It now comes with wireless charging capabilities, supporting the Qi standard. This model also has advanced camera specifications, with a 64-megapixel sensor for better imaging and Face Unlock on board.

Moreover, when compared to the Pixel 7, the new model has a larger battery, with a capacity of 4385 mAh. It also features the same processor and memory, with an eight-core processor from Google and Samsung, 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of flash. By offering great performance, the Pixel 7a is a high-end smartphone that outrivals its predecessors.

The Pixel 7a is already available on the Google Store, and it is expected to become a bestseller because of its impressive features. The company has also set their sights on further improving this specific line of smartphones to ensure that users continue to get the best.

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