Google Ordered to Pay 5.8 Million for Press Content by Arbitration Board

Arbitration board: Google should pay 5.8 million for press content

Google to Pay 5.8 Million Euros Provisionally to Corint Media

Google will pay the collecting society Corint Media provisionally 5.8 million euros for using press products. This amount is far from the original demand of 420 million euros by Corint Media. Google had offered 3.2 million euros per year for the use of Corint Media’s repertoire, which accounts for around a third of the German press ancillary copyrights.

Google Considers Payment Appropriate

Google welcomes the arbitration board’s proposal and considers the payment appropriate. The annual amount of 3.2 million euros until March 2023 is in line with what Google has already agreed upon with over 400 regional and national publications in Germany.

Corint Media Calls Decision a Success

Despite the comparatively small sum, representatives of Corint Media rated the decision as a success. The collecting society claims that the arbitration board confirms the actual use of press content by Google.

Last Word Not Yet Spoken

The fixed amount is not the last word on the matter. Corint Media expects that if the arbitration board makes a decision in the main proceedings, high amounts of millions will be confirmed as appropriate payment for the use of the press ancillary copyright.

Google Contradicts Corint Media’s Representation

Google denied that it refused to pay any provisional remuneration for the ancillary press rights. The tech giant claims that it made several offers to Corint Media for permanent and interim payments.

In conclusion, the payment of 5.8 million euros by Google to Corint Media is a provisional one. The dispute regarding the payment for the use of press products is not yet over, but both parties are willing to negotiate and reach a final decision.

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