Google I/O introduces PaLM 2, transforming search into a vibrant, creative experience.

AI on the Google I/O: PaLM 2 appears, the search becomes generative and colourful

Google I/O 2023 saw a significant focus on artificial intelligence (AI). CEO Sundar Pichai presented a range of Google products and services that had been “reinvented” through the use of AI. Pichai emphasized that AI should be helpful to everyone, and Bard, Google’s chatbot, is set to become multilingual and multimodal.

Multilingual capabilities of Bard will enable the chatbot to classify sentences and phrases in context, rather than merely translating them. Google’s Training of Language Models, Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) technique simplifies the training of language models and enables the chatbot to provide generated information.

Google’s well-known technology, Multitask Unified Model (MUM), is being utilized to better understand the intentions of search queries, and soon, Google search will provide information generated directly by AI.

The Magic Eraser in Google Photos is becoming the Magic Editor, allowing users to adjust the weather in photos, among other things. Firefly, Adobe’s image generator, and Adobe Express for mobile devices will be integrated into Bard, making generative AI models for user and commercial use safe, transparent, and responsible.

Bard will soon move into almost all Google products. AI has already been used in Gmail to filter out spam and provide help with answering emails. AI will also be used to help organize data and visualize it, generate presentations from notes, assist with tonality, and much more.

However, Google representatives emphasize that the language models are still in experimental stages, and there are still ethical and data protection issues to be resolved. Google is committed to the responsible use of AI and the development of universally applicable standards.

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