Google Hit with Multi-Million Dollar Fine for Patent Violations in Online Domain

Google fined millions for patent violations  hot online

The US company Google has been found guilty of patent infringement in a recent court case. The court in Waco, Texas ordered Google to pay $338.7 million in damages to software developer Touchstream Technologies. The jury determined that Google’s Chromecast and other devices violated Touchstream Technologies’ patents related to streaming video from one screen to another. Google has denied the allegations and stated that it will appeal the verdict. On the other hand, Touchstream Technologies expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the case. The New York-based company has been a leader in the development of casting technology since 2011. They have created a software called “Shodogg” which enables wireless transmission of content from a mobile device to another screen, such as a TV or computer. According to the lawsuit, Google had discussions with Touchstream Technologies in 2011 but later claimed to not be interested in the technology. However, in 2013, Google introduced its Chromecast media streaming devices. Touchstream Technologies claimed that Google’s Chromecast violated three of its patents, as well as patents by Google’s Home and Nest smart speakers and third-party TVs and speakers with Chromecast capabilities. Google argued that the patents were invalid, but the Texas court disagreed. Touchstream Technologies has also filed similar lawsuits against US cable providers Comcast, Charter, and Altice, with pending decisions.

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