Google Announces Midjourney Breakthrough with Oxygen-Ion Battery at E3

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Google introduces new search function with additional explanations for search results

Google has announced that it is making its new “Information about this result” function more widely available in search results. The tool provides additional background information on where the search result came from and why it is displayed. Information on authors will also be available soon, and the function will be available in all languages. In Germany, the function can already be found in a beta version behind the three-point menu next to each search result.

Vienna University develops new alternative to lithium-ion batteries

Researchers at Vienna University of Technology have developed a new alternative to lithium-ion batteries: an oxygen-ion battery. The battery uses oxygen instead of lithium for electricity storage, which has the advantages of low storage capacity loss and a potentially long service life. Additionally, there is no risk of fire with ceramic electrodes, and critical materials such as cobalt or nickel can be dispensed with. The battery can also be regenerated by adding oxygen.

Midjourney discontinues free trial version due to abuse

Midjourney, an AI image generator that previously allowed users to generate 25 images for free, has discontinued its trial version due to abuse. Founder and CEO of Midjourney, David Holz, explained that too many people had created multiple accounts to save money, among other abuses. The company is now working on solutions to these problems and plans to reintroduce a test version with “moderation” and other guidelines to ensure responsible use of AI.

E3 cancelled for 2023 after console manufacturers cancel appearances

The organizers of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) have cancelled the event for 2023 after all three console manufacturers – Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft – cancelled their appearances. Ubisoft, Sega, and Tencent also followed suit. E3 was formerly the most important gaming fair in the world and the premier venue for major gaming companies to showcase their games and consoles to the public. However, digital marketing of games has now taken the lead.

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