Get the Most out of MS Office on Windows with Optimal Toolbar Adjustments

MS Office for Windows: Adjust toolbars optimally

Many users still struggle with the ribbons introduced in Office 2007. We show you how to optimally customize the menus in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

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MS Office for Windows: Optimally customize toolbars


What works and what doesn’t?

Adjusting the menu bars

Adjusting the quick start bar

Calling up quick start commands via the keyboard


Read the article in c’t 16/2023

You might be able to live better with the menu bars if they were structured more logically and were less overloaded and if you didn’t look in vain for one or the other important command in them would have to. Something can be done there.

If you take a little time for this, you can adapt the toolbars to your personal needs within certain limits. Only if you absolutely cannot get used to the ribbons and want the classic pull-down menus back, the following instructions will not help you.

In contrast to the competitors Libre Office, Open Office and Softmaker Office, Microsoft’s Office suite doesn’t give you a choice. The following instructions refer to Office for Windows from version 2013.

In principle, the toolbars can also be adjusted in the macOS version (after Office 2011) (via “Ribbon and toolbars” in the settings menu of the respective Office program). However, some procedures are slightly different than those described below for Windows and there are slightly fewer setting options.

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Home MS Office for Windows: Adjust toolbars optimally


What works and what doesn’t?

Customize menu bars

Customize the quick start bar

Access quick start commands via keyboard


Read the article in c’t 16/2023

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