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Our overview of small, interesting news includes:

GitHub: The secrets scanner Rainald Menge-Sunday is designed to locate and eliminate secrets in source code, development environments, internal websites, chat services, or ticket systems.

HashiCorp: They want to integrate the secrets scanner into its secrets management tool Vault.

Apache APISIX: According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL, Vitess, is currently available in version 17. It includes improved MySQL compatibility and more efficient MySQL replication, and the Tablet Throttler is now considered generally available.

Daffodil: Apache Daffodil, an open-source implementation of the Data Format Description Language (DFDL) for converting between data in a fixed format and XML, JSON, and other data structures, is available for download as Release 3.5.0. The release mainly includes bug fixes, but also a number of improvements relating to CI workflows and build tools.

Visual Studio Code: Avocado Media has announced the release of a new open-source project called Laravel 10 JWT REST API Boilerplate. Together with the Next.js 13 (App Router) frontend, it should simplify the development of modern web applications by integrating JWT (JSON Web Tokens).

These updates aim to enhance the efficiency and reliability of various software and development tools. By integrating new features and improvements, developers can streamline their processes and create more advanced web applications.

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