FritzOS 7.56: Introducing Change Assistants with New Firmware Update

FritzOS 7.56: Firmware update introduces change assistants

AVM has released the FritzOS version 7.56 for several routers, including the Fritzbox 7590 AX, 7590, and 7530, as well as the cable models 6591, 6660, and 6690. This update introduces two key features: a new power-saving mode and an assistant that simplifies the process of switching to a new Fritzbox.

The new power-saving mode includes a centralized settings page in the web interface called the energy monitor. This feature combines various energy settings into one place and can be activated with a single switch. It throttles the WLAN, LAN, and USB interfaces, resulting in slightly lower power consumption. However, the reduced performance may not be worth the fractional watts saved. For example, the Ethernet ports will only transfer at 100 Mbps instead of 1000 Mbps. This mode is more suitable for devices like smart TVs or printers that don’t require high transmission rates.

To make the process of switching to a new Fritzbox easier, AVM has introduced a new assistant. This assistant transfers all the important settings from the previous router, including connected DECT phones and other manufacturer products like smart home devices. The assistant was originally intended to be included in the previous FritzOS version 7.55, but a switch was missing in the web interface. Previously, users had to manually export and import the configuration settings, and then check and adjust them as needed. The new assistant now automatically brings DECT cordless telephones (Fritzfons) and Fritz repeaters connected to the old router to the new one, eliminating the need for manual reconnection.

To update to FritzOS 7.56, users can initiate the update process through the web interface or download the corresponding images from AVM’s website. As of June 16, 2023, the update is available for the Fritzbox 7590 AX, 7590, 7530, 6591, 6660, and 6690 routers.

In summary, AVM’s new FritzOS version 7.56 introduces a power-saving mode that consolidates energy settings and a new assistant that simplifies the process of switching to a new router. These updates improve energy efficiency and streamline the transition to a new Fritzbox.

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