Fritzbox: Unlocking the Future of Smart Home Technology

Fritzbox as a smart home center: What it can already do and what is still to come

Fritzbox, the popular DSL modem and router combination, has evolved over the years to become a smart home center. The Fritzbox offers a range of functions that go beyond just internet and WLAN connectivity. AVM, the company behind Fritzbox, claims that there is a Fritzbox in about every second household in Germany.

Initially, AVM had neglected the topic of Smart Home, with only a few offerings such as adapter plugs, heating thermostats, and retrofit lamps. Their attempt to establish their own radio standard, DECT-ULE, outside of the AVM world was unsuccessful. DECT-ULE, a low-energy variant of the DECT standard, is favored in the smart home sector due to its lower frequency away from the crowded 2.4 GHz radio band. However, currently, there are limited compatible components available, with Panasonic withdrawing its DECT ULE products and Gigaset using an incompatible variant for its Elements series.

Despite these challenges, AVM is continuously expanding its knowledge and offerings in the smart home sector. By integrating with Matter, a connected home standard developed by Apple, Google, and other major tech companies, Fritzbox aims to become an even more capable and versatile smart home center. Matter integration will allow Fritzbox to seamlessly connect and control a wide range of smart home devices from different brands, promoting interoperability and ease of use.

The future of smart homes is promising, and AVM is committed to bringing innovative features and capabilities to Fritzbox users. With the growing popularity and adoption of smart home technology, the Fritzbox’s role will continue to evolve, serving as the central hub that connects and manages various devices and systems in a household.

For more in-depth information on the integration of Fritzbox as a smart home center, you can read the article in c’t 16/2023, which provides exclusive tests, guides, and background information on the topic.

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