Fritzbox 7530 AX Receives First FritzOS Update in Over a Year

Fritzbox 7530 AX gets the first FritzOS update in over a year

AVM has released an update for several of its routers and repeaters, including the Fritz boxes 7530 AX, 7583 (, and 7583 VDSL, as well as the Fritz repeaters 3000 AX and 1200 AX, bringing them up to version FritzOS 7.56. This is particularly good news for owners of the Fritzbox 7530 AX, as the last official update for this router was in April 2022, on FritzOS 7.31.

Previously, the extensive innovations introduced with the 50s versions were only available as laboratory versions, with no guarantee of error-free firmware. Other routers, including the older Fritzbox 7530 sister model without Wi-Fi 6, have received updates more frequently.

One of the key features introduced in FritzOS 7.56 is the integration of Wireguard VPN on the Fritzbox 7530 AX. Wireguard VPN is a faster alternative to IPsec technology and is particularly useful for accessing company networks securely while working from home. The firmware update also enhances the smart home functions and prioritizes connected devices automatically. Additionally, Zero Wait Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) ensures a continuous WLAN connection even when radar pulses occur.

To initiate the FritzOS updates for the Fritz boxes and Fritz repeaters, users can access the web interface at For the WLAN router, simply click on the FritzOS version at the top right, while for the repeaters, users need to navigate to the “Home Network” tab and then choose either “Mesh” or “Home Network Overview” to initiate the update.

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