Friday Presentation Planned for Hallescher FC’s Thomas Sobotzik

Hallescher FC: Thomas Sobotzik already there – Friday presentation planned

Thomas Sobotzik, the future sports director of Hallesches FC, recently witnessed the team’s 2-2 draw against Viktoria Köln while bundled up in a thick down jacket. Despite attempting to hide himself in the VIP stand, Sobotzik’s presence was quickly discovered.

The match saw a valiant effort from HFC, who took the lead twice through Deniz and Steczyk only to concede the equalizer twice, through Sontheimer and Becker. However, what should give Sobotzik hope is that Halle remains undefeated under their new coach, Sreto Ristic, and the team has been making a solid impression.

Sobotzik is already in Halle, but his official presentation is set for Friday. Before that, his contract with regional league club Offenbach must be terminated. As a gift, he leaves Jonas Nietfeld’s contract extension, which the captain signed for a new three-year deal until 2026.

Minge, the ex-national player who previously held Sobotzik’s position, also aimed for a speedy contract extension for young professional Lucas Halangk. Although this is still a long way off, Halangk’s promising debut in the HFC jersey during Tuesday’s match will certainly intensify efforts by the third division team.

It’s quite possible that Sobotzik, as Minge’s successor, could then perform his first official act. In related news, Bilbao fans recently mocked Barça on TV, seen as a lighthearted subject in comparison.

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