Five innovative projects to discover in Paris de

The City of Paris and Paris&Co open the doors of the City Hall for the annual innovation event in the service of ecological, environmental, and social transition. For one day, meet entrepreneurs, incubators, investors, public actors, large companies, and City agents who will be your partners of tomorrow. Discover five projects among all those to be found on October 19th!

As part of its ambition for zero single-use plastic by 2024, the municipality wants to accelerate the transition of private actors in Paris and ensure a lasting legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games on its territory. And this is thanks to an innovative initiative: the zero plastic certification, co-created with economic actors. It covers five key sectors: food, tourism, events, health/hygiene/beauty, and logistics.

The City is tackling the decluttering of public space with an innovative solution. This project, initiated in 2020 with an experiment, was extended in 2023 to cover the whole of Paris. An artificial intelligence (AI) system is used to create a geolocated database of signage panels (for pedestrians, bicycles, cars). Their characteristics, including their symbol, color, support, and ideogram, are automatically detected by AI algorithms. The objective is to reduce their number while maintaining consistent signage on the streets of Paris.

Are you interested in innovation topics?

Solidarity Squares is the story of a union of talents from complementary sectors (non-profit, architecture, real estate) in the fight against homelessness. This solidarity landlord designs programs for the acquisition and provision of housing for organizations that work for a fairer world. Each beneficiary can then enjoy housing that provides the necessary comfort, well-being, and dignity for social and professional reintegration.

Developed by Okeenea, Evelity is an outdoor and indoor guidance system! The application allows people with disabilities to be guided, step by step, to their chosen destination. All of this, based on their profiles and abilities, with the aim of restoring their autonomy.

NU! is the offer of a connected canteen, accessible 24/7 and zero waste. A technological solution with impact for actors in corporate catering. Thanks to this intelligent refrigerator, there is no need to validate a basket or create multiple customer accounts. Made in France, each device is equipped with a stainless steel consignment container to develop a zero waste offer with reusable containers.

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