Expanded AI Features for Bing and Edge: Enhanced Image, Chart, Save, and Plugin Functionality

More AI for Bing and Edge: images, charts, saves and plugins

Bing, the search engine developed by Microsoft, is now available as an open preview for anyone with a Microsoft account. Previously, users had to sign up on a waiting list. However, Microsoft has emphasized that Bing is still in a test phase and errors may occur with its AI functions. The search engine is becoming more visual, and soon users will be able to get image and video answers, as well as diagrams and graphics. The chat function is also receiving upgrades, such as the ability to display data in Microsoft Excel and the option to save and share conversations.

One of the notable features of the new Bing is the image generator, based on OpenAI’s Dall-E technology, which is now available in over 100 languages. Users will soon be able to search for content using images instead of text. While Bing is playing catch-up with Google Lens, it will still be a useful addition to the search engine’s repertoire.

Bing and Edge are also becoming platforms for developers to create applications that use the power of AI. Third-party applications will be introduced to the platform, with examples such as Open Table and Wolfram Alpha cited by Microsoft.

Overall, the new Bing is taking steps to become a more visual and streamlined search engine, with a focus on personalization and AI integration. While it is still in a test phase, users can expect further improvements and upgrades in the coming months.

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