Exciting PC Games Coming in July 2023: Jagged Alliance 3 and Remnant II

"Jagged Alliance 3", "Remnant II": New PC games in July 2023

“Jagged Alliance 3” and “Remnant II” are two highly anticipated PC games set to release in July 2023. Both games offer thrilling gameplay experiences for gamers looking for new adventures.

“Jagged Alliance 3” is a tactical RPG and the long-awaited successor to the successful “Jagged Alliance 2” released in 1999. The game takes place in the country of Grand Chien, which is in chaos after the President-elect disappears and the Legion paramilitary group takes control. Players take on the role of a group of experienced mercenaries hired by the President’s family to find the President and restore order. The game features a wide variety of mercenaries with different personalities, stories, and abilities for players to choose from. Players will engage in turn-based battles, loot and modify weapons and equipment, and make decisions that will shape the fate of the country. The game also offers an online co-op mode for players to enjoy the campaign together with friends.

“Remnant II” is the sequel to the best-selling book “Remnant: From the Ashes” and is set to release on July 25, 2023. This soulslike game challenges players to survive against deadly creatures and overwhelming bosses in hostile worlds. Players can embark on this adventure alone or play in co-op mode with two other players. The game features an intense combat system with a mix of structured combos and wild long-range and close-ranged combat. Players can choose and upgrade specific equipment and weapons to optimize their playstyle for different biomes and opponents. “Remnant II” offers endless replayability with branching quest lines, expansions, crafting, and rewards. The game takes place in dynamically generated dungeons and areas, offering a varied and explorative experience for players.

In addition to these two games, “The Expanse: A Telltale Series” is another exciting release in July 2023. This video game prequel to the popular sci-fi series “The Expanse” allows players to experience the universe of the series in a unique adventure. Players assume the role of Camina Drummer and explore the dangerous and uncharted frontiers of the Belt as an Executive Officer aboard the Artemis. The game features difficult decision-making, intense space exploration, and interactions with crew members. Players must face the brutal reality of outer space, political corruption, conflicts within the crew, and the consequences of their decisions.

Overall, the gaming summer of July 2023 is set to be filled with exciting new PC games, offering a range of genres and immersive experiences for players. Whether you’re a fan of tactical RPGs, soulslike games, or interactive storytelling adventures, there’s something for everyone to look forward to. So mark your calendars and get ready for these thrilling new releases!

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