Evacuation of 127 People from a Camp in Paris

One hundred twenty-seven people were taken to temporary shelter in the Ile-de-France region on Tuesday morning after the evacuation of an informal camp in northeastern Paris, authorities said. The group of people taken to shelter consists of 124 single men and a family of three, according to the Ile-de-France prefecture and the Paris police prefecture. This is the 33rd operation since the beginning of 2023, bringing the total number of people sheltered by the Ile-de-France prefecture this year to 6,100. The prefectural authorities also stated that 83 “family” people currently benefiting from emergency accommodation in the Paris region were offered an orientation on Tuesday, meaning outside the Ile-de-France region. In total, 3,030 people have been directed in 2023 to temporary shelter outside of Ile-de-France, where 120,000 homeless people are accommodated each night under emergency shelters.

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