ESP and WLED: Take Control of the LED Light Show in Make 2/23

Now in Make 2/23: Control the LED light show with ESP and WLED

If you’re looking to spruce up your living space, whether it’s for the perfect cinema atmosphere or a lively party, RGB LED strips might be just the thing you need. These color-changing light sources are versatile and can be used in even the narrowest spaces due to their compact dimensions.

To create an even more complex play of light, you can combine the strips with an ESP microcontroller and the free WLED firmware. This allows you to control the lighting via an app or browser over WLAN.

If you’re new to this system, fear not! Our editor Carsten Wartmann has taken a closer look at the beginner-friendly WLED system and explains what components you need to get started, how to put them into operation, and what it all costs.

The article in Make issue 2/23 will guide you from planning and electronic structure to firmware installation and configuration of various lighting effects. You’ll even learn how to synchronize multiple LED strips over the network and set the lighting to react to music and sounds.

One particularly cool feature is the Audio-Reactive WLED function, which makes music visible through the lights.

Make issue 2/23 is available both online and at newsstands, and you can also order it as a print version or PDF from the Heise Shop. If you prefer to read digitally, you can find the magazine in our apps for iOS and Android. Check out the table of contents online for more information.

Get ready to have some fun crafting and transform your living space with atmospheric lighting!

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