Dreams of Magic Monday and the Relegation Place: Saarbrücken’s Ambitious Goals

Saarbrücken dreams of Magic Monday and the relegation place

Will it be Magic Monday for Saarbrücken?

The FC Saarbrücken team is set to play in the top game of the 3rd division in Freiburg on Monday at 7 p.m. With a win, Rüdiger Ziehl’s team can jump back into the relegation zone for promotion. However, the coach doesn’t like Monday games!

Ziehl stated, “I’m looking forward to the game. But I don’t really like Monday games. It feels weird to train in the mornings at the weekend – and then when there’s free time or regeneration, having a game day doesn’t feel right. I like evening games, but not on Mondays.”

Situation in the league on March 26th, 2023

Saarbrücken has the advantage of knowing that a win can secure their spot in the relegation zone for promotion. Competitors Waldhof lost 0:2 in Osnabrück, while Dresden lost 1:2 against Bayreuth.

Ziehl commented on the situation, stating, “Anyone who had bet on Bayreuth’s victory in Dresden would have become a rich man now. We only have important games left. The win in Wiesbaden was brutally important, and now it’s brutally important again.”

In order to continue their success, the Saarbrücken fans want to help. 1032 have already bought tickets for the Freiburg game. Ziehl also warned of their young opponent, stating, “Freiburg is rightly up there. They have very good defensive behavior for a U23. They have total euphoria, are totally self-confident. We have to concentrate on ourselves, and it doesn’t matter what’s on Freiburg’s players’ heads.”

Ex-Freiburger Pius Krätschmer agrees, stating, “They’re completely calm, just looking at themselves. Most of them have been playing together for years. It is our aim to take something countable with us.” The Saarbrücken team will need to focus on their game and work together to secure the win on this Magic Monday.

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