Dream Start for Werder Bremen with Czech Republic’s Jiri Pavlenka in EM Form.

Werder Bremen: dream start with the Czech Republic!  Jiri Pavlenka in EM form

Czech Republic Celebrates Confident Start to European Championship Qualification

On Friday, the Czech Republic celebrated a confident start to their European Championship qualification with a 3-1 victory against Poland. Werder goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka played a pivotal role in the victory. He maintained his position as goalkeeper for the entire 90 minutes and played a confident game.

“Step Forward”

Though his inclusion was not a matter of course, Pavlenka was preferred to Tomas Vaclik from Olympiacos Piraeus and Jindrich Stanek from Viktoria Pilsen. The Bremen player drew attention to himself at the end of last year, after having been absent from the Czech Republic’s matches for a year and a half. He is now back between the posts and is steadfast in his desire to play in the European Championship, which will be hosted in Germany.

Romano Schmid’s Quiet Appearance

On the other hand, midfielder Romano Schmid did not get a chance to show his skills. He was not included in Austria’s 4-1 win against Azerbaijan.

Ilia Gruev Involved in Bulgaria’s Defeat

Ilia Gruev, however, was allowed to play throughout Bulgaria’s 1-0 defeat by Macedonia.

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