Discover the Health Condition That Kept Karely Ruiz Hospitalized This Year

Karely Ruiz Takes her Career to Another Level

Karely Ruiz, a popular influencer born on October 28, 2000, has risen to fame for her appearances on social media, where she shows off her beautiful curves and is involved in one controversy after another for her statements. With over 7.7 million followers on Instagram, Karely has taken her career to another level, but not without facing challenges.

Medical Complications and Controversies

In recent years, Karely has been hospitalized on several occasions due to medical complications that have concerned her followers. However, after her photo with Luisito Comunica went viral, several speculations surfaced about a possible romance, which was later denied. The influencer also caused controversy by denying photos to her fans but later revealed that she did it for medical reasons.

Health Issues Caused by CDMX

Karely Ruiz has revealed that her recent house changes between her native Monterrey and CDMX have led to her health problems. The change in climate and pollution have caused her to suffer from constant high fevers, body aches, and respiratory problems. She even lost four kilos in two days due to her condition.

Despite the benefits to her bank account, the health and emotional stability of the celebrity has been affected. Karely has a great attachment to her family, who stayed in the north of the country, and this has added to her emotional distress.

Karely Ruiz’s Age

At just 22 years old, Karely Ruiz has gained an immense following on social media. However, with her health issues and controversies, it remains to be seen how her career will progress in the future.

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