Discover the Editor’s Brilliant Idea Behind Darth Vader’s Epic Scene in ‘Rogue One’ with Peter Jackson Present!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been one of the most anticipated Star Wars spin-offs, with high expectations from fans all around the world. While the movie might not have met those expectations, it did deliver one particular scene that left everyone in awe.

The scene in question features the iconic Darth Vader, and serves as a bridge connecting the end of Rogue One and the beginning of the original Star Wars movie. The director of the movie, Gareth Edwards, recently revealed in an interview that this scene was a last-minute addition, and was not even part of the original script.

The scene, dubbed “The Walk of Death,” was an idea proposed by the editor of the movie, Jabez Olssen. Despite initial reservations, the Lucasfilm boss, Kathleen Kennedy, loved the idea and allowed the team to film it just a few months before the premiere.

Edwards and his team then set about brainstorming ways to showcase Vader’s power in the scene, while still keeping it within the bounds of what had been shown in previous movies. The result was a memorable and iconic scene that left fans talking for days.

Despite the success of the scene, Edwards has received criticism for not coming up with the idea himself. However, he should be commended for trusting his editor’s vision and bringing it to life on screen.

Ironically, the scene also features an actor named Christopher Nolan, who played a rebel in the movie. This led to many on set believing that the famous director was actually present.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the Darth Vader scene in Rogue One was directed by Gareth Edwards, with the screenwriter Gary Whitta even calling Peter Jackson to come and witness the filming.

In the end, the scene remains one of the most memorable moments in the Star Wars saga and serves as a testament to the creativity and vision of the filmmakers behind Rogue One.

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