Developing a Language Processing App using Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services: Programming an app for language processing

Azure Cognitive Services is a suite of artificial intelligence services that offer functions for transcription, speech output and high-quality text translation. Speech recognition, output and translation can be easily done with these services. A practical example of using Azure Cognitive Services is demonstrated through a UWP app.

App developers can now easily use these functions by programming an application that can record spoken language, convert it into text, and translate it into another language. The app should also be able to speak the translation with correct intonation. A step-by-step guide on how to program such an application is explained in the article.

The specific example given in the article is translating German into Hungarian. However, the procedures can be used for other languages and can be used on other systems due to the cross-platform availability of .NET technologies.

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In conclusion, Azure Cognitive Services is a powerful tool for speech recognition and translation. The article provides a practical example of how to program an app using these services and encourages readers to subscribe to an IT and technology digital magazine.

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