Cybersecurity Breaches Targeting Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Ludwigsburg, and Sysco

Cyber ​​incidents at the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, district of Ludwigsburg and Sysco

Several cyber incidents have been reported recently, including attacks on the district of Ludwigsburg, the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and food company Sysco. Each incident has caused significant disruptions and concerns.

One of the most notable incidents was the cyber attack on the district of Ludwigsburg, where cyber criminals have reportedly targeted the district’s administration causing its IT systems to shut down completely. Consequently, the district office is closed, and the website states that several services including vehicle registration, driver’s license office, asylum area, foreigners’ registration office, and job center are inaccessible to customers. Security experts from relevant organizations are currently analyzing the IT infrastructure, but the district office’s reopening date is not yet known.

The Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (BPI eV) has also suffered a phishing incident where cyber attackers gained unauthorized access to their email inbox (Microsoft) at the end of April 2023. Though the association has informed its members about the incident, it did not disclose the number of people who received the information letter. The accessed data may include email addresses, names, telephone numbers, postal addresses, message content, and data from signatures. The BPI has notified the Berlin data protection authority while emphasizing their commitment to strengthening the security of their email system moving forward.

Lastly, Sysco, a global food company, has confirmed it suffered a cyber attack where personal information of employees such as names, social security numbers, and account numbers, as well as customer and supplier data in the USA and Canada, were likely to have leaked. The attack was reportedly discovered on March 5, several weeks after the incident is believed to have happened on January 14.

Each of these incidents is an unfortunate reminder of the ever-expanding threat landscape businesses face, especially in terms of cyberattacks. As such, it is essential for organizations and individuals to stay vigilant and take proactive steps towards safeguarding their IT systems, data, and infrastructure.

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