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c't workshop: Compensate for internet failures |  hot online

In today’s digitally connected world, the internet plays a crucial role in the functioning of businesses. From communication to data storage, many essential operations depend on a stable and reliable internet connection. However, if the internet goes down, companies may find themselves unable to operate effectively. This is particularly true in the era of remote work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

When an internet outage occurs, companies not only lose the ability to communicate with customers and partners through platforms such as email, VoIP, and virtual conferences, but they also face disruptions in internal communication. With many companies relying on cloud-based ticket and ERP systems, as well as externally hosted code repositories, a loss of internet connectivity can bring operations to a standstill.

To prevent such scenarios, it is crucial to have a backup internet connection in place. However, simply being able to surf the web during an emergency is usually not enough. External telephones and VPN clients must also be able to utilize the backup connection, and bandwidth-intensive tasks should be automatically limited to avoid overwhelming the backup connection.

Determining the appropriate backup connection that will not fail alongside the primary connection requires careful planning and testing. Different types of backup connections protect against different dangers, and administrators responsible for internet connections need to be well-versed in these options. This is where the c’t online workshop, “Compensating for Internet failures: multi-access networks for SMEs,” can help.

Scheduled for September 12, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the workshop aims to provide administrators with the knowledge and tools they need to plan and configure backup connections effectively. Participants will learn about redundancy processes, different access technologies, and connection variants. The workshop will offer both theoretical and practical knowledge, allowing participants to assess the best solutions for their specific situations and be prepared for any problems that may arise.

By attending the workshop, administrators can ensure that in the event of an internet failure, operations can continue as smoothly as possible, minimizing disruptions and maintaining productivity. An early bird discount is currently available, with a registration fee of 719.00 euros. Interested individuals can find more information and register on the heise Academy workshop page.

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