c’t Handicraft Videos Launch Their Own YouTube Channel For Projects

Projects: c't handicraft videos now on their own channel on YouTube

crafting has become even more accessible thanks to nerdy c’t handicrafts. Their self-construction projects now have accompanying videos that aim to simplify the process and make it more fun to follow. The videos also highlight difficult areas and provide helpful tips on how to create replicas. While previous videos were found on YouTube in the Heise online workshop playlist, the company has now launched a new channel called “Projec’te” which viewers can subscribe to.

The videos feature Pina Merkert, a hobby craft expert who takes viewers to the c’t workshops in the publishing house and home office. The videos showcase everything from self-made smart home sensors with ESP32 to specially designed test equipment with Arduino and even gardening robots with Raspberry Pi. The aim is not only to show what is being built, but also how and where it is being built. The company wants to share knowledge and experience while inspiring viewers to create their own technology, especially for items that are not commercially available.

By encouraging viewers to build their own technology, the company is promoting sustainability and encouraging people to move away from disposable, mass-produced products. By learning to screw, solder, and repair their own devices, hobbyists can create customized solutions that are perfect for their individual needs. With a focus on fun and inspiration, viewers can consume this content comfortably from their couch.

The channel aims to provide useful information while also showcasing the fun and creativity involved in DIY projects. It’s a great way to learn new skills, explore new hobbies and enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle.

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