Consider legal aspects of app development: live webinar

Live webinar: consider legal aspects of app development

Like any other software, apps for iPhone & Co are subject to a number of legal framework conditions. Developers and app providers must know and implement these in order to act in a legally secure manner – and to avoid receiving a warning, for example.

The new live webinar “Legal Aspects of App Development” by Mac & i Pro is dedicated entirely to this topic. Security expert and head of development Klaus M. Rodewig explains how liability risks can be minimized and what rights app users have.

In addition, there are central issues of copyright and trademark law – both in terms of how to protect your own app from copyright infringement and what needs to be considered when using texts and images. Another topic is the order development with special requirements and the clarification of the important questions of who actually owns the code and how long errors have to be eliminated.

It also deals with legal issues relating to the publication of apps in the App Store, the protection of minors, license agreements and end-user agreements, and competition law.

The two-hour webinar is aimed at developers, product managers, IT support, product owners, and legal professionals in companies, among others. The online event will take place on August 16, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

For early bookers, the ticket costs EUR 116.10 for a short time instead of EUR 129. With the Mac & i Pro subscription for admins and developers, participation in this and other webinars is free of charge, including a total of 24 webinars per year.

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