Confusion Arises Due to Spicy Kissing Photo

Leni Klum, daughter of supermodel Heidi Klum, has caused a stir on Instagram with an intimate photo. For the past three years, Leni has been in a steady relationship with Aris Rachevsky, but the latest picture shows her intimately kissing someone who doesn’t look like him. However, fans need not worry because it turns out that Aris has undergone a radical type change.

In the photo, Leni can be seen kissing the person with short, pink hair, while Aris tenderly places his hand on her cheek. Leni’s hand is also placed quite far south of her boyfriend’s waistline, causing some confusion amongst fans.

It turns out that Aris is the person with pink hair. He recently changed his hairstyle and has been showing it off on his Instagram feed. Leni and Aris are still very much in love and want to share their happiness with the world, just like Heidi and her husband Tom Kaulitz.

Although Leni’s fans were momentarily shocked, they can now rest assured that everything is fine with the couple. The intimate photo was simply a cute moment captured between them and doesn’t mean anything more.

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