Coach Schwartz’s Cornerstones for the Rescue of Hansa Rostock

Hansa Rostock: The rescue cornerstones of coach Schwartz

Hansa Rostock Gets Ready for Relegation Fight

Will that be the basis for Hansa Rostock’s relegation in the second division? After Alois Schwartz (55) was hired as a rescuer coach, Hansa retired for two nights in the camp at the Schlosshotel Fleesensee (90 kilometers south of Rostock) (BILD reported), trained on the premises of the league club Malchower SV.

Schwartz’s assessment of the training camp was positive: “We were able to train properly, we could also get to know each other – the team got to know me, I got to know the team. Everything was as I had hoped.

Discipline, Team Spirit, and the Will to Win

Furthermore, Schwartz emphasized the importance of discipline, team spirit, and the will to win. “It’s important to get that into the team. I’ve managed to do that more often, I hope I’ll be able to do that here too.”

The team recorded an impressive 16:0 win against the FC Förderkader Rostock association division. You have to score 16 goals first, and they were played well. The way I like it.

Time for a Well-Deserved Break

As a reward for their hard work, the team was given two days off. From Tuesday, they will begin preparing for their important game against competitor Magdeburg, which is set for Sunday.

Endurance is Key

Schwartz drove to his home in Mannheim on Saturday afternoon to bring a few more things to Rostock. “Because I won’t be going there until the end of the season.” The season lasts until May 28.

Hansa Rostock and their fans hope that with the new coach and positive attitude, they can avoid relegation and emerge victorious in their upcoming games.

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