Clubhouse Lays Off Over Half of Its Workforce

Layoffs at Clubhouse: More than half of the employees have to go

Clubhouse, the audio-based talk app that has gained immense popularity over the past year, is reducing its team to ensure more effective work. Founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth have announced that they will cut more than 50 percent of jobs at the company in an email to employees. The exact number of people to be affected by the measure has not been revealed.

The move is not due to financial pressure, but rather the need for Clubhouse to develop further as the app becomes difficult for many people to integrate into their everyday lives. The growing team has become too large and geographically dispersed to communicate properly and implement changes quickly. Therefore, the company will now be reduced to a “small, product-oriented team.”

Davison and Seth expressed regret in their circular mail to employees, assuring them that support measures will be put in place for those affected. The departing employees will be helped in their search for a new job, and the company will use its connections to other companies to facilitate this process.

The future core team will build “Clubhouse 2.0,” which the founders have not revealed the specifics of but assured employees that they have a “clear idea.” The objective is to streamline and optimize the app’s functionality, making it more accessible to a wider user base.

Despite this announcement, Clubhouse has continued to attract new users and improve the overall user experience. The audio-based talk app has offered a new form of socializing during the isolation period of the corona pandemic. As the company moves forward, it will continue to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of its users.

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